Arindam Dasgupta's debut book 'My dear Students' reviewed by renowned book reviewer Ankit Chouhan

My Dear Students by Arindam Dasgupta is a self help book not just for students but also adults who are worried by the question “What’s wrong with my life and how do I fix it”?

The Book is a complete package as it covers the cause of the problem, solutions to the problems, ways to implement the solutions.The book is separated in two parts covering both aspects mental and spiritual, he has curated some cutting-edge, scientifically backed methods to help readers.

Author being a Educator professionally has explained each and every aspects with detail and how actually we take things otherwise.

I like the books which are Research backed, and this is one of them. The layout of various chapters is interesting and the writing style is simple and easy to understand. The book is inclined towards learning and understanding and some learnings are idealistic, which one can implement for sure.

Author has explained the concept of Priming of brain very well, how we can make our brain work the way we want it to work by making our brain believe we deserve only the best. This activity can be done just in 10 minutes and is very useful for every important task of our life.

Another important chapter is about taming the ego, ego more often than not take away the control of life from our ends, author has shown the way how living with spirituality can help us getting rid of this ego and how observing things can be really helpful.

Author is dealing with important topics such as fear, habits, gratitude, forgiveness is commendable and this process makes reading this book enjoyable to read. Such books are not prevalent for students and more books like this can be really helpful.

I believe that this book will help both students as well as professionals who are in early stage of their career.I rate it 4 out of 5 stars for sure.

Ankit Chouhan

Book Reviewer

Founder of Writers Club India.

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