Dr Sheetal Sharma

Dr Sheetal Sharma

I has been practicing as psychologist for more than 20 years now, working closely with children, adolescents and adults on various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues and addiction issues. I believe in the healing powers of psychotherapy and prides herself on being able to offer effective treatment in both individual and group settings.
I helped many clients suffering from depression, other mood disorders, anxiety, stress-related disorder, OCD, eating disorder, personality disorder, grief, anger, trauma, and family relational issues. I have coached/trained over 50000 Parents and over 2500 teachers in enabling them to raise kids with love and affection. As a Parenting Coach, the endeavour is to guide the parents in creating a healthy, happy and balanced family life by working on improved communication & relationship between parents and children.
Being Career Strategist taking help of different approaches to understand student in holistic way and helping them take an informed career decision. More than 3000 students had been guided for this purpose. I have organized lot of Career Fairs & School Leaders Conclaves in Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. Running guided program on internships in the field of psychology.

I have successfully conducted more than 200 workshops on parenting, Multiple Intelligences, Mental Health in various institutes and organizations of Northern States and U.T.
I have achieved 80% accuracy and efficiency by completing therapy on more than 11000 patients.

Member of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP)
Member of International association of applied Psychology (IAAP)

Golden Achievers Awards
Indian Achievers Award

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