Bhopal: Shimpi YT Biggest News Founded New Song, First Love, Flim, New Music label Company.

Yash Shimpi brings the most melody song of the year. The Song’s name is “Mann Bheega” And this song is Sung by Khwahish Dubey and Video should be love romantic as well as Khwahish & Yash is the Main artist in the video song. this song is released in NR MARVEL RECORDS and Yash is the director of NR MARVEL RECORDS and co-founder.

Yash Shimpi Is releasing his love story album song in Oct or Dec Which name is “Pyaar Hua” The leading Actors are Yashi Dubey n Yash Shimpi We will see happy love chemistry on “Pyaar Hua” and Yashi Dubey is the first female actor of Yash Shimpi

Tanu is also Known as Nancy and the main the Shimpi YT is name is found by Shimpi goes to Yash Shimpi last name and Y goes to Yash and T goes to Tanu. Yash Shimpi accepted Nancy’s proposal and they have been dating. Nancy has been waiting for the last 3 yr.

Achievement 2022 Yash Shimpi Song Pasoori X Rap Cover get 50K plus views

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