Famous local singer Mahendra Singh Pawar performed.

The famous Rajasthani Folk singer and Musician Mahendra Singh Panwar is all set to stream on 18 August 2022 very soon in Mysore, Bangalore. His upcoming event “ VEER Tejaji Natya in Rajasthani” is already sequenced to fill the Banglore with Rajasthani fumes and flames.With his Rajasthani Classic Bhajans and LokGeet he will account his prominence and devotion among the viewers. He is ready to enchant all the folk & music lovers with his blissful voice and Rajasthani charisma , catch him soon live in the royal magnificent city, Mysore and be a part of the devotional evening to make it a huge success.

Be ready to sync in with the charm and charisma of folklore and pure Rajasthani music of Mahendra Singh Panwar on 21 September 2022 right here in Samadri, Rajasthan. He is coming up with another great event with his team to present “NEM RAJUL Natya Katha” in his own blissful voice. It will be going to be a great event in the regional. Undoubtedly this is the best time to visit and explore the majesty of the royal Forts and Folks of Rajsathan in this season. Make your experience county and bounty by being a part of this Natya Katha Event.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahendrasingh.panwar.56

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