Fashion model Sumaili Alulea is on Peak of success.

With so much awareness and exposure about skills, passion and career options, available young teens look forward to giving an early start to their works/field.
There’s a huge increase in the number of teens going ahead with content creation and fashion modelling as their career. There’s definitely a huge competition to be a unique creator whose content adds values to their audience’s life.
Sumaili Alulea is an emerging content creator, fashion model and social media influencer.

Sumaili Alulea was born in Kansas City Missouri on 1st January 2002. Sumaili developed a strong inclination for fashion modeling at a very young age. He used to study Model’s personality, works and routine quite closely and developed a strong interest in this. Sumaili started his journey into the fashion industry at the age of 12-13. Starting early gave him more exposure to this industry than others of his age. Starting his career at just 12, He worked upon himself each day to gain the popularity and fame that He has among his fans.

However this long journey wasn’t as easy as it looks. There were so many hardships and obstacles that even made him put a break over his modelling and content creator career. Sumaili was constantly pressured by his family to give up his modelling career. All his efforts seemed to go in vain for his with no hope to take stand for this field again, he gave up. This made his almost go into depression. Amidst so much pressure and oppression he decided to work for his dreams and bounced back with greater energy and dedication. His works made everyone admire his Entire social media, YouTube and his fans love the aurora that he carries with him.

Sumaili travelled a long way from being just an ordinary teenage boy to a well-known personality in the fashion industry. He sets an example for all those who compromise with their dream and passion just for the happiness or satisfaction of others.

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