Chandresh Kumar, known professionally as TURNEXT is an Indian Musical Artist , YouTube Personality, Music Producer and Mixing Mastering Engineer in Joginder nagar, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. Born in Joginder Nagar. TURNEXT known for his Songs Like Scene Galat and O Jaana Which is a Bollywood composition originally by Turnext.He started his career in 2013. He also started making songs from 2015. He has released more then 15 singles in YouTube and streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon music, itunes, apple music and so on. Turnext has also worked with himachali well popular singer kumar sahil as a mixing and mastering engineer.Turnext has worked with more then 100s of artists from all over india. Turnext is a Bollywood celebrity, YouTube Personality, well known popular singer and artist.

Earlier life
turnext was born in Joginder Nagar and brought in manali where he completed his studies in anila mahajan Saraswati vidhya mandir school (rangri).
His interest for music was from childhood. He used to sing songs all time play drums and guitar at his friends music shop in old manali. his mom gifted him his first guitar and helped him to carry his interest to make his dreams come true. today we see Turnext as a celebrity, YouTube Personality, singer and a well kown popular artist.

. Association
TURNEXT started his own record label names MANALI Records in 2018 with his partner vivek dogra (Manali rapstar). They both collaborated and released songs in youtube.
Turnext has moved from the city to Village so now he has his own home studio build in his hometown and currently he is producing, mixing and mastering projects of other artists.

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