Jennifer K Sharma

If you are passionate about something and you pursue it with all your energy & intent, you will be successful, and your dreams will come true. Today we are talking about the success of Jenifir K Sharma, who won the title and Crown of Mrs India 2022 Gold category West Zone in Tiska Mrs India competition with her hard work and true dedication. Along with this, Jenifir also won 2 more titles: Mrs. Popular 2022 and Mrs. Fit 2022.

The Tiska Miss and Mrs India contest 2022 was organized in Gurgaon by Prashant Chaudhary and Swati Dixit, both the organizers of Tiska India competition. Jenifir participated and won in the Gold category, big titles like Mrs. India 2022 West Zone, Mrs. Popular and Mrs. Fit won their names.
While talking to the media, Jenifir tells that achieving any goal becomes easy when your family supports you. During this journey, my daughter, my son and my husband supported me, especially my daughter who encouraged me all the time. A lot of credit for my success goes to her. Icing on the cake was her mother was there and watched her while she got crowned. Jenifir further tells that the experience of the show was enriching, and we also got to learn a lot through different grooming / walk the ramp etc sessions.

There was a lot of healthy competition in the finale. The key for Jenifir was to not loose heart and stay focused. She dealt with each round as the situation so demanded. While doing so, she also managed to reach her destination. Let me tell you that Jenifir’s dream is to work with people who are struggling and lack confidence, especially woman who losse hope after a certain age. my focus will be to make them aware of their general health/fitness also how important it is to maintain positive attitude . Fitness and Fashion are Jenifir’s forte and she would love to guide and Inspire more in the field.

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