Meet Priyanka Tp, Excelling Beyond Boundaries as an Assistant Director, Marketing Manager and Author.

One of the world reputed media hubs is the Dubai media industry, which is known for its glamour and drama. The Dubai film industry is one of its biggest arms, which is popularly known asUnited Arab Emirates Film City, which has churned out the biggest hits ever known in the history of films. Getting yourself established into this big world of films is a gargantuan task. Even if you’re not born into a film family, your talent and determination can get you there. As we have seen in the past, there’s no guaranteed formula to make a breakthrough in Bollywood. Talent, persistence and hard work can earn you a place in the big industry which has catapulted many unknown names to dizzying heights of success in the past. Many throngs to Mumbai to make their career in the Hindi film industry, but only a few can make a mark for themselves. Priyanka Tp is one such name who established herself in Dubai Media Industry, solely based on her exceptional talent and distinct work.

Priyanka Tp, an Assistant Director, Marketing Manager, Author, Anchor and  currently working in a reputed  firm based in Dubai, who is driven by her passion to be the best. Her love for cinema runs deep down and that is evident in her work. Priyanka is an alumnus of Providence Women’s College. After completing graduation she headed towards  Dubai media industry to give a head start to her career. She was fortunate enough to get a break in passion and creativity in this field that is never ending by an eminent personality of the industry. The work which she has done in the past years was appreciated by the society. The society gave her the much-required boost to move ahead with confidence and achieve more milestones in her media career.

Priyanka would like to launch a media startup and to reach out to all the human beings equally for their justice and concerns. She was born on 17 Oct 1992 in Calicut, Kerala, India. She has 8 years of professional experience. She has also assisted so many celebrities with interviews. All the hands behind her success are her parents and friends.

Going ahead she worked as she had very much interest in social work and that she continued the same while entering the media, right from media to feed a labour. She gained in-depth knowledge about the workings of Dubai media industry while working for Dubai’s reputed media and since then, there has been no stopping back and she has only marched ahead with time.

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