Purandhar Chowdary a Model and Influencer basically I’m from a lower middle-class family from Temple city Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh in South India, I’m interested in Fitness and Acting since childhood but my parents have a different plan for me that they want me to become a software engineer, since my college days I used to think about how to fulfill my dream and I joined a fitness center but I don’t have anyone to guide me on which nutrition plan and which workout plan I need to follow, if I want to hire a personal trainer that’s Very Expensive not upto my budget so then I decided to gain proper knowledge and information so researched online on my own and I made a diet plan and work out pattern for myself with the Knowledge i gained through internet then I started following my diet plan and work out Routine strictly during that period i saw my physique is getting transforming slowly and achieved six pack after 4 months then I felt happy and started to post my transformation updates on Instagram and that made me help grow bigger on social media slowly and finally, I’m an Influencer then one of my follower suggested trying modeling he asked to participate in an Audition in Bangalore and then i thought to attend the audition but I’m little bit felt difficult there I saw many experienced models they are looking stylish, well groomed then my confidence levels went a little bit down and finally, I’ve got selected there and got a chance to perform in a Fashion event.

My future goals are to try acting and I’m Open for collaborating with Filmmakers to work with, I can speak Telugu, Tamil and English fluently hope i get chance in the coming days

as we can’t predict our future where we go in our life. I always suggest younger to have a strong desire to achieve something big in their lives and concentrate on what they are interested in and passionate about and also give up under any circumstances then one day or the other when you look back and recall past journeys whether they may succeed or fail but you’ll gain valuable experience to guide Upcoming people who want to see success in their respective field or Profession, So always remember that “WINNING IS SOMETHING BUT PARTICIPATION IS EVERYTHING”

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email: purandharem@gmail.com

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