Pravin P Borse

Pravin P Borse

An activist for social and economic justice is someone who lends a helping hand to those in need without expecting anything in return. Social activists also try to advance underdeveloped societies and raise as much awareness as they can among the populace…

So today’s we are going to introduce you to a social worker, who loves to help poor and needy people. His name is Pravin P Borse. Pravin is a social person who enjoys interacting with others and learning about their backgrounds. He completed his bachelor of arts from Geography and then did his master’s from Political science and started providing strategic ideas to political condidates for political activities like election campaigning and convincing strategies.

While being Campaign Director at Phoenix SSPM ventures Pravin P Borse has achieved great success. Developed organizational models and strategy for winning political campaigns. He has also been actively contributing in various social and community programs like woman empowerment, public health schemes, and child education schemes, etc.

Pravin is also running a fishing business in a cooperative manner, there by generating the employment and as a social person he has been sharing 20 percent profit apart from wages. Pravin has also conducted various rehabilitation programs with the help of NGO in rural areas for addicted persons. Apart from all these he’s also running old age homes for the needy peoples.

Pravin believes that communication is the biggest asset. Ensuring effective communication throughout society and attaining social goals as a result.

In India, 70% of the population lives in rural areas, according to Pravin. Therefore, it is crucial to improve rural areas with infrastructure for water supply, drainage, health care, and education in order to further the growth of the nation as a whole.

Speaking on the significance of agriculture, Pravin said “Proclaiming the value of agriculture is crucial since younger generations of farmers are moving to cities, which has an impact on how longer the agriculture industry will be able to survive. The unfavourable climatic conditions are one of the causes of this.” When asked how to deal with this, Pravin responded, “More profitable schemes will help in reaching this goal.”

Pravin’s main vision in life is to Lift the living standard of tribal areas by implementing and extending the available schemes as effectively as possible to every individual.

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