Reality of Dj Handsome Nasir 2

DJ Handsome Nasir 2 is also known as DJ Nasir SK, RBM, Show Man, Mad Joker, All Rounder and Weapon Master. He was born on 23 April 1999 at Rayachoti in Annamayya district of Andhra Pradesh. He belongs to a middle class family, so at an early age he stood up for himself and his family. His father is a daily wage worker, his mother is a housewife and his younger brother is engaged in studies.

DJ Handsome Nasir 2 started his career as a cricketer but due to some issues he could not play state level matches. He wanted to play for Team India but dropped the idea due to lack of a cricket academy. He later took an interest in music and mixing and worked as an assistant music producer. He started gaining popularity after his first song “Trail”, released in his college, rose to stardom due to his rich skill and taste in music. There is always a line in a song which is always stuck in your mind as it reminds you of some place, some moment or some person. He learned all these skills by watching himself and Youtube videos. He thanks YouTube as it helped him a lot and till now it is helping DJ Handsome Nasir 2.

DJ Handsome Nasir 2 is a huge fan of Sonu Sood Bhaiya, Salman Khan Mama, Vijay Devarakonda Anna, Prakash Raj Babai, And More. He loves them because they are of great help to others and donate from their heart and do not boast unnecessarily on their success.

DJ Handsome Nasir 2 keeps on learning every genre of the song to know what he can learn from it and take something new out of it. He likes to travel in different cities, interact with people and understand what they are looking for. And DJ Handsome Nasir 2 wants to know the culture of different cities deeply and mainly he likes to check the folk music of different cities because he believes that old is gold. DJ Handsome Nasir 2 is working on music genres from India, Art Music, Ambient Music, Instrumental, World Music, Electronic Music, Dubstep and many more. Dj Handsome Nasir 2 is a DJ and music producer that we can listen to on radio and in clubs. He is making a difference in music by using his unmatched skills. And seeing his growing curiosity, it seems that he is going to surprise you by doing something big soon. Dj Handsome Nasir 2 Also Write some Quotes..

There are :-

There is always a certain line in a song that will always stuck in your mind because it reminds you of a place, a moment or a person…..

Sometimes it feels like the lyrics to a song you’re listening to, were written just for you…..

All it takes in 1 song to bring back 1000 memories…..

The good thing about listening to a new song is that it doesn’t remind you of anyone…..

When you hear a song that reminds you of someone, and you start missing them…..


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