February 5, 2023

Do you think that you are too young to start making money in this fast-paced digital era? Do you think that people will not take you seriously as you are a teenager and inexperienced to deal with people? Well, the answer to the above questions is a big no. In reality, age is just a number as it is never too early or too late to start your entrepreneurial journey and the story of young Sheikh Umeed is a living testimony to this. This young lad from Sopore, Kashmir started his digital marketing journey through a random fact page on Instagram as he was extremely intrigued with the algorithm of Instagram. By applying creative strategies to his Instagram page, he managed to grow three pages to 100K followers within a span of just 4 years and recently he built a page @factzuntold up to 100K followers within just 9 months and has become financially independent at age of 16 years which is a great milestone to achieve

In these 4 years, he has hooked up with more than top 100 brands which include Dettol, Himalayan Organics, Trust Foods, Max Protein, Cubelelo, and many more. On this amplified success he says” when you add value in other people lives, you grow manifold in your own life: Connecting people and bringing solutions to their problems gives me immense joy’. Moreover, he has also managed campaigns for Masai school, Unacademy and MX Takatak and it has strengthened his network and enhanced his personality.

Life is never smooth and fair for everyone as it s full of ups and downs and Sheikh also experienced this when he lost his 10K followers which initially had 70K followers due to an internet ban in 2019 following the declaration of article 370. Rather than getting bogged down by the situation which he had no control over he challenged to dominate his circumstanctances and emerged victorious by building 100K+ followers for the same page. He believes in being consistent and disciplined with your work and never ever give up no matter how worse the situation becomes. Sheikh is indeed a youth icon for the teenagers who are looking to explore the world of social media and wants to gain financial freedom at young age

Today he has become the proud founder of Digital marketing agency. Sekuedmedia which is helping influencers and budding enterpreneurs to elevate their business by expanding their horizons across social media. Leading a team of strong experts, he provides creative solutions to people active on social media for increasing their network. Sekuedmedia provides the following services

• Instagram marketing

• Campaign management

• Influencer marketing

• Content creation

• Social media marketing

Sekuedmedia is customer centric and result oriented digital marketing agency in Kashmir which is one stop solution for all the people looking to promote their business online. It will be challenging for Sheikh to make his new startup a grand success given the competition but it is also evident that his risk taking appetite and never giving up attitude will help Sekuedmedia to rise higher and higher.

Instagram: Instagram.com/Sheikh_umeed

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