Shridhar Naik Temple Architect | Shridevi Shilpakala Kendra

Shridhar Naik is an Architect with an affinity towards tradition and religious work. He propagates his full faith by creating religious spaces in and around, in the form of Hindu temples and structures. He inculcates the Vastushastra in all types of structures which helps in attaining positive vibes and high energy. Shridhar Naik’s works demonstrate style of architecture in the field of civil engineering in the form of domes, carved pillars, statues and methodically structured spaces.

He has his own company named Shridevi Shilpakala Kendra They Are One Of The Top Temple Construction Company
Also leading temple architects in India, providing the truly national service experience. Over 400 skilled craftsmen unite under the guidance of Mr. Shridhar Naik, to retain the Indian traditions for the creation of new temples or the restoration of the ancient ones in India. Since 2009, they have been in the business of undertaking turnkey projects for temples. It is always the traditional designs that they incorporate, offering a modern approach in terms of technology that we use, to do the same. Every project that they have completed voices the commitment of intricacy towards art and the passion imbibed in it.

They design all the religious structures in accordance to the ancient Indian Temple Shilpshastra and Vastushastra. All proportions, details and forms are derived from intensive study of aspects like Nakshatras (Constellations of stars), Disha (direction) and name of the deity etc.

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