The Indian Prime Icon Sourabh Soni.

Sourabh Soni is 23 years old. He was born in Hastinapur (Meerut). His schooling was done
by the CBSE board at New Blooms public school and SVS international school. His
graduation was in (a Bachelor of Commerce), and he is now studying L.L.B at Meerut
College in Meerut. And also, working with the International Human Rights and Crime Control
Council (NGOs), he got all India membership in this council. His hobbies are reading books
and making real things. He is a good multi-tasking person.
Now he is winner of “INDIAN PRIME ICON” 2022 in the field of education and social
leadership .

He also certified by CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISION of India as Integrity pledger .
International human right commision honoured him by Indian pride award . He likes
children’s and motivate them . He also participated in Ist anniversary of “AZADI KA
AMRIT MAHOTSAV” in central park .
Sourabh soni’s friends : –
He has many friends , His friends help him to become Indian prime icon and they all guide
him. His best friends are Anshul malik , Akash and one more who lives far away .
He always ready for new upcoming event and competitions .
About his family :-
His parents proud of him.He has good realtions with his brother in law and sister . He has a
brother and sister .
Hobbies and interest :-
His main hobbies are reading books and making reel things , he loves pet and he has three
pets . He loves trees and nature.
He like to travel and explore things .
Our team had a great time talking to Sourabh Soni ,We got to learn a lot by talking to
Sourabh Soni

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