Things to learn from Asia’s rising digital marketing star, Sahil Chauhan

Sahil Chauhan has often been called the next marketing business prodigy from the Asia region. To get recognition of this level from the world, one only does not simply need to be creative but also stands out from the crowd. You need exceptional talent along with a strong will to work relentlessly for the goal. Sahil Chauhan was born and brought up in Noida and this is also where he learned all the basics of marketing. According to Sahil, being innovative is what sets you up for success. Sahil integration of latest technology and exploring the huge world of open sources available on the internet was the uniqueness that put his marketing techniques to a competitive level with others. It was also the technological advantage which further alleviated his company and put it on the forefronts.

Sahil’s journey started when was only 19 and having no prior experience with any start-up he took the risk and launched his company “TPM Digital Media OPC Private Limited” aka The Perfect Marketing. For Sahil it was an additional challenge to manage the marketing himself to save resources and prove that his platform can effectively work in the world of marketing too. With his hard work and dedication, TPM Digital Media OPC became a sensational success and soon was all over the city and later in the entire northern region of India. His company primarily works with Public Relations, SEO marketing, viral campaigns and many more such digital marketing services. Sahil’s company was later expanded and now manages clients internationally with profit now up and above 100,000$.

Sahil is still continuing his college education as it will help his career and company in future too. Apart from business activities Sahil loves music, movies and traveling for fun. Recently Sahil has launched another company “Get Media Popular”, which is all about heavy marketing push via social media viral campaigns, Follower growths and SEO services. Unlike the previous company this is focused more on utilizing digital tools to make the contents more appear on the internet rather than conventional advertising campaigns. He has worked with businessmen, artists, youtubers, and new generation social media stars. Sahil is an inspiration to the current generation and his success is a testament to the potential digital technologies hold and how its right use can give huge benefit to the society.

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