Victory at International Schools Sports Organisation (ISSO) National Games for Akshata Shete-Jadhav

The ISSO National Games 2022 took place in Bangalore at Gopalan School. It was a well organised event and schools from all over India participated. The Gymnastics Discipline was conducted on the 20th & 21st September 2022.

International Schools Sports Organization (ISSO) is meant and formed with an initiative to develop and nurture sports across international schools affiliated to Cambridge, IB and other international boards.

A huge victory for Akshata’s students at the ISSO National Games 2022 with 8 Golds, 5 Silvers & 2 Bronze medals.

The official result for the International Schools Sports Organisation (ISSO) National Games is as follows: –

Under 14

Hridya Rana – 5 Gold medals in Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs and all around.

Tia Vasa – Silver in Rope and all around, Bronze in Ball and Clubs.

Under 11

Myra Savla – Gold in Ball, Free hand and all around.

Ava Irani – Silver in Hoop, Free hand and all around.

Congratulations to all the athletes for your fearless effort, unbelievable performance and wonderful achievement. And congratulations to the entire Bombay Physical Culture Association Rhythmic Club (BPCARC) team for preparing these girls. The support and dedication of all coaches is commendable.

Akshata says, “Super proud of our girls who worked hard each day for days and months together. This victory is incomplete without my wonderful team of coaches; Coach Sonali Sawant, Coach Maithili Kambli & Coach Vinaya Karangutkar.

A little background about Akshata :-

Akshata Shete-Jadhav is an International gymnast and national champion. She has been at the forefront of promoting gymnastics in the country. Akshata, a Shiv Chatrapati Awardee, has represented the country at various international events including the World Championships, FIG World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. Captaining the Indian team at multiple tournaments, she has over 150 State and National Level medals. Akshata is an Asian Gymnastics Union Technical Committee member and recently has been elected as a member of the Gymnastics Federation of India. The accomplished athlete continues to support the sport as a coach to many upcoming talents, and is an FIG Academy certified Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach. She is the highest category judge in India and has judged top tournaments internationally as well as at the national stage. She is a very popular coach in India. She founded Bombay Physical Culture Association Rhythmic Club in Mumbai 10 years ago which has been famously recognized as one of the top clubs in Maharashtra. Her club trains more than 400 students who have won numerous medals at District, State and National Competitions. In 2019, Akshata opened up her second club in Pune with the mission of developing gymnastics in this city filled with hidden talent. The name of her Pune Club is Flamingo Gymnastics School & Research Centre.

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