Dr. Sheenu Sanjeev,

The health, wellness, beauty, and personal care niche over the last couple of decades have grown by double digits across the globe. With the customers now wishing to mend their ways and eyes towards ayurveda, and natural products or services, it has become a mandate and imperative for many entrepreneurs and brands to refocus their time and attention towards making stellar organic growth which can be more beneficial to customers than the current solutions available in the market. With growing problems of health issues coming from emerging and established people, many new coaches and experts have now surfaced giving the customers a flurry of choices to be more healthy, with body & soul naturally and holistically. Be it doctors, nutritionists, therapists, healers, naturopaths related health, the customer always has a huge array of service lines to choose from. But to be a class apart from the crowd and the competition and to provide world class quality in health and wellness sector. We met one such passionate and driven women entrepreneur named Dr. Sheenu Sanjeev who is Nutritionist, Naturopath, Diabetes Educator, Energy Healer, has taken giant strides in this area and working as the Health – Healing and Mind Coach. Dr Sheenu Sanjeev is a renowned expert in Dietetic and Nutrition field working worldwide. She has a vast working experience in this sector and she has treated a lot of patients from ghar ka khana, till now.

Dr. Sheenu Sanjeev is a believer of natural and holistic treatment techniques and follows her dream by working for health and wellness of people. From 1999 she has been involved in research of natural and ayurvedic herbs and their roles on stress, cancer, diabetes.  In 2015, she established her brand, “Healthyfy ® Solutions”- a diet-nutrition and wellness centre. She is also founder and Director of Healthyfy® Health and Education Institute and Research Council and Prakriti- Naturopathy Centre.

From more than two decades, Dr Sheenu is highly inclined towards Natural & Holistic Treatment, she works by motivating, counselling, and educating individuals so that they can lead a healthy and medicine free life.

Doctor Sheenu Sanjeev

 Being a mother and wife, it was always a huge challenge for her to re-start her journey as an entrepreneur but without thinking twice, she embarked upon her special influencer journey and since
then there has been no looking back for her. She learned, gained more knowledge of the industry
and finally set up the brand “Healthyfy® Solutions”. Managing work life balance, content with her professional work but striving hard to make her company attain global recognition, Sheenu has
turned every stone to success. Today Dr. Sheenu Sanjeev has been a celebrated health influencer and educator and her brand Healthyfy Being in the niche segment of customizing their services as per the body type and age of people and the lifestyle aswell as seasons, Healthyfy® Solutions has leaped ahead in time making them one of the most sought and sought-after brands.

 A spiritual, loving and combination of introverted and outgoing person. Love travelling, Nature, and helping people to release their health challenges, stress and traumas so that they can live a beautiful life given to them with
full zeal. She is a great believer of Napoleon Hill’s quote – “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive
and Your Heart Can Believe, You Can Achieve it.” So first She gave credit to herself, that She thought and believed upon herself, then of course to the whole Universe, God, her parents who
always taught her to be independent with a small quote, rise high and be grounded, her strength her husband Sanjeev Mishra and her son Ishan. She resides at Indirapuram Ghaziabad ( NCR region),
Born and brought up at Rewa Madhya Pradesh, land of white tigers. Father Late Dr Ashok Kumar Mathur, was Dental Surgeon & Professor in SS Govt Medical College Rewa, Mother Professor Russian language , Dean Arts & Law faculty APS University Rewa , one younger brother Sonesh
Mathur, highly placed in a leading firm . She is married to Sanjeev Kumar Mishra an IIT engineer, Success & Mind Coach, they have son Ishan Mishra who is music composer, lyricist and upcoming film director.
After doctoral degree, national-international publications, researches at Defence Institute of Allied and Physiology Sciences ( DIPAS) , her outgoing personality was supressed by her introvert nature and some changes in life, but zeal in heart, strong will power and great moral support from her husband, She came back with all positive emotions to build health of mind body and soul- naturally, holistically and create army of skilled Healthpreneurs™ to create Healthy & Fit home, society, Nation & Globe.
She believes for a healthy Nation , its individuals should be healthy from their mind, body and soul.
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