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Ritu Goyal, who recently won the Miss Plus Size India Achiever title in a show organized by Maven Productions Ms Plus Size India 2022 was organized at Vivanta Hotel located in Dwarka, Delhi, in which Ritu Goyal also participated and in the same show, she won the title of Miss Achiever. While Talking to the media, she shares that being plus size is nothing to be ashamed of , you just have to overcome the fear inside you and move forward with courage and work hard towards your goal.Ritu further explains that it was difficult to achieve this title but not impossible, so I did not lose courage and kept trying and after passing round one after the other, I also managed to reach my destination and won this title .

She further said that in this entire journey, my husband and my children have supported me a lot, who encouraged me every moment, whatever I am today, I am because of them. Ritu is also an Exhibition Organizer, where along with promoting women entrepreneurs, she is also associated with many NGOs so that their handicrafts can be showcased among the people.

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