Mohit Kumar Meena is a Indian youtuber, Lofi creator, influencer, actor, model, Musician, singer, songwriter, lyricist and producer.

Early Life of Mr. Mohit Kumar Meena
Mohit Kumar Meena is a famous of Indian person

Mohit Kumar Meena original name in government documents B.R meena

Mohit Kumar Meena was born in Lapod (pali), rajasthan. His father’s name is mr.babulal meena ,mother’s name is Kanya devi is a housewife. Mohit Kumar Meena has been interested in technology, mobile, computers since childhood, as well as he also takes a lot of interest in videography art.

(Career )
Mohit Kumar Meena is a YouTuber and creator by profession who makes YouTube videos and Hindi shayari . On 1, feb 2021, mohit kumar meena has become the ambassador of Google’s new short video app, mohit kumar meena is currently a Google Product Expert from India. Where he gets Google’s Poroduct to improve. Mohit Kumar Meena is also a YouTuber and creator
YouTuber , creator , influencer.
( Personal )
1 Name

Mohit Kumar Meena and original name B.R meena ,But I am known by the name Mohit Kumar Meena
2 Born

Mohit Kumar Meena – 18 November 1993 pali (rajasthan)

I am Indian
3 Education

Senior secondary high school delhi

M.L.S.U collage Sumerpur pali
4 occupation

YouTuber, creator,influencer
5 hometown

Lapod (pali ) rajasthan 306115
6 height/age

5.4 inch./ 29 years old
7 Parents

Babulal meena w/o kanya devi
(Social media platforms )
Twitter – mohit kumar meena

Facebook – mohit kumar meena

Instagram – mohit kumar meena
( Personality )
Weight ( 55kg )

Hair colour ( black )

Eye colour ( brown )
My bio
Girlfriend ( singel )

Wife’. ( Unmarried)

Best friend ( All the boys in my village are my best friends)
Full name —— mohit kumar meena

Nickname —— mohit kumar meena

Birthday date– 18 November 1993

Birthplace —— pali Rajasthan

Hometown——- pali Rajasthan

Profesion ——— Youtuber, creator,influencer

Religion ———– Hinduism

Hobbies/interested ——- acting , shayari, traveling , own voice creating videos
Summary + FAQs
Mohit Kumar Meena
Mohit Kumar Meena is a popular social media youtuber, creator , influencer star from pali Rajasthan

He first started through YouTube platforms and

Has grew his popularity over Instagram , Facebook and YouTube through post own voice creating videos uploaded and create YouTube video’s

Mohit Kumar Meena has also worked own voice videos on

Instagram, moj, mx takatak , zili,
Email :

Address : rajasthan (pali) India 306115

Gender : male

Job title : social media personality YouTube. Instagram, twitter etc.
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