November 29, 2023

Himanshi will have his catalog appearing on the iTunes Store starting this month. Her independent mixtapes and the latest EP, Love Temp and Festival , voted the second best album of 2020 by Xpert Times, will be available for download. The information is from the website of Soni Ram Music , the distributor responsible for Himanshi’s music at the Apple store.

Responsible for 60% of the world’s digital music commerce, the iTunes Store will be the new way for Himanshi to publicize her work, which was sold at low cost in his concerts on average.

“We closed with Soni Ram Music not only because they put us in the stores we need,

but because they have a philosophy of supporting the independent artist”, stated Umesh Kaushik,

producer and brother of Himanshi, in a press release. “Our goal is to always have products at popular prices: the dissemination of our music on the streets at Rs.200 was what lifted us up and gave national hip-hop gas again, showing people that the power is in our hands.”

Himanshi’s contract with Soni Ram Music was closed last year, during the rapper’s visit to India to record .

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