MDFM Announces Agricultural Partnership with KALU International

Doha, Qatar–(Newsfile Corp. – August 31, 2022) – MDFM, a Qatar-based firm offering a series of agricultural facility and project management services, has revealed it has partnered with the sustainable development firm, KALU International. The collaboration will provide a new range of tech-based growing systems that are designed to bolster yields regardless of climate. 

The new KALU Green Farms incorporate MDFM’s agro-capsules, which are connectible pods that provide comprehensive, controlled cultivation systems. This facilitates the creation of a tailored climate within the capsules, including moisture-control and the regulation of CO2 concentration. 

Traditional growing models can often center on the recreation of a specific set of conditions that are rigidly enforced across a variety of plants with different needs. Senior officials at MDFM underline how this can lead to a number of negative offshoots, including plant stress and undernourishment. By integrating KALU International’s high-level understanding of the synergistic nature of these ecosystems, MDFM is able to provide a high-density and high-yield producing agricultural environment. 

One of the key objectives of this partnership is to enhance the availability of food production in regions that currently lack the climate or land quality to do so. The KALU Green Farms are protected from the elements and pests, while its high-density fertigation system enables nutrient-rich water to be dispersed across the plants. This contributes towards better root growth, and gives these agri-capsules the unique quality of being able to take plants from seed to harvest in the same pod. 

Across the world, an estimated 600 million people fall ill after consuming contaminated food, and 420,000 die as a result. Worryingly, children under 5 carry 40% of the burden of foodborne diseases. The ease of construction for MDFM’s KALU-assisted growing systems helps to simplify the food supply chain, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of foodborne diseases being contracted. In addition to this, it reduces emissions and cultivates a more sustainable farm-to-table channel. 

These newly unveiled systems decrease labor-intensity for farmers, due to there being no need for tilling or weeding in these agri-capsules. Furthermore, they integrate electromagnetic spectrum lighting in order to maximize photosynthesis and boost growth without the need for artificial heat. Poorly controlled temperature levels can lead to the plant ‘burning’, which can in turn lead to severe crop damage. 

“We are delighted to be partnering with KALU International in order to elevate agricultural processes both domestically and across the world. Qatar’s agriculture sector continues to grow, and we are excited to be able to contribute towards this through our high-yielding, climate-controlled growing systems. Combining KALU’s expertise with our advanced technology will provide fertile soil for unparalleled levels of innovation,” underlines Kushal Kumar, Managing Director of MDFM.

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